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Youth OBESITY is prevalent throughout Australia and New Zealand communities. The FABulous Kids Health and Wellbeing 6 Week program educates and empowers our youth to be healthier and happier individuals; nutritionally, physically, mentally and behaviourally in their schools, clubs and communities.


Delivering the number 1 health and wellbeing program in our schools, clubs and communities targeting Youth OBESITY and the associated health risks type 2 diabetes and heart related diseases.

FABulous Kids Health and Wellbeing 6 Week Program


  • Educate and motivate healthy living within our schools, clubs and communities
  • Challenge and engage schools, clubs and communities to make informed decisions regarding their health and wellbeing
  • Provide a fun action based, interactive and experiential workshops to increase schools, clubs and communities quality of life


  • Increase schools, clubs and communities knowledge to a variety of healthier food and beverage alternatives and very effective exercise regimes
  • Schools, clubs and communities discover the 5 vital principles to improve health, wellbeing and productivity.
  • Engage, educate, participate, reflect and achieve goals
  • Improve schools, clubs and communities confidence and outlook on life

FAB community champions

Thanks to the amazing support from our community champions THE PUSH UP TOUR. This amazing initiative raises funds for charities who support children in need. People of the community are challenged fundraise and to do 1 push up to every kilometre ridden throughout 21 days of THE TOUR DE FRANCE. The long track consists of 3519 kilometres which is the exact amount in push ups 3519.

In 2017 the PUSH UP TOUR team have fundraised and donated $9521.69 to fund our FABulous Kids Health and Wellbeing 6 Week Program targeting youth obesity in our schools, clubs and communities. In 2017 Fabruary delivered the FAB Kids 6 Week Program  to 25 Coomera Springs State school Year 5 students who are the 2018 Year 6 school leaders. Each student discovered the importance of living by the FAB 5 principles which consisted of fun weekly health and wellbeing challenges. 





















2018 community QUEST

The Push Up Tour starts 07 July 2018. 1km on Tour de France = 1 Push Up. That’s 3329 push ups over 3 weeks
to raise fund for children in need via the Alannah & Madeline Foundation + Fabruary.